The Mekumi Ed platform brings together tools that nurture human connection. Why? Because education is not about simply gaining knowledge. It’s about easily connecting everyone in our world, so we make life better for us all.

Mastering Job Skills for Students

Lessons in the Mekumi LMS platform are tagged with 21st century skills markers students, teachers and administrators can view the progress of individual students, classrooms or schools by job skills markers. This reveals each student’s strengths and also what skills they should improve to be ready for the workforce.

Building Sustainable Industry Engagement for Students

The Mekumi learning management system provides teachers with the technology to invite background-checked industry mentors from the real world to dialogue with students. Mentors discuss specific careers in the context of lessons being taught in students’ onsite or virtual classrooms.

After an initial dialogue, mentors can continue to speak with students via chat. As both a safety precaution and to reinforce student learning, teachers are able to view all communications.


The Mekumi Ed platform enables students to rate their industry mentors. This helps ensure that educators are inviting experts who resonate with students.

Increasing Student Engagement Throughout Their High School Education

When students understand the real-world applications of what they’re learning, they are more likely to persist in academic work and more likely to complete any certifications. They are also more likely to end up with jobs by the time they graduate, since they have the opportunity to establish relationships with people in their desired industry.

Creating Support for New Teachers

Schools spend $2.2 Billion recruiting and training new teachers. The high cost is due to extremely high turnover.

Mekumi Ed reduces this expense to school systems by the best lesson plans in an easy-to-edit format to all new teachers.

The platform provides:

  • Teacher instructions for all lessons.
  • Student instructions for all lessons.
  • Worksheets.
  • Digital projections.
  • A discussion forum for student dialogue.
  • Master Question Library
  • Auto-generated assessments.

With the auto-sharing feature, teachers can view their colleagues’ lesson plan sequences in real-time. This provides the meaningful support that new teachers need. It also helps build a collaborative community among teachers in a school district who are teaching the same course.

Giving Rock Star Teachers the Recognition They Deserve

Mekumi Ed automatically documents all iterations of each lesson plan, and then displays this data to administrators in real time. You’ll know which lesson plans are most effective, when you see them being copied over and over by other teachers. You can then incorporate the best edits into your courses. Mekumi Ed commends teachers for the number of times their lesson plans are used by other teachers every week.

Unified Reporting with Intuitive Interfaces for Each Role in Education

Everyone in your system is tied to the same database of information and you’ll receive standardized reports to give you the data you need to make better decisions for your district and students.

Here are just a few examples of questions that stakeholders can ask Mekumi Ed reports to answer:


How many more underserved students are completing certification programs compared to last year?


Which teachers’ lessons resonated most with students this week?


Who needs the most help this week based on the student mood check-in?


What can I do to raise my grade in this course?

Generate Recurring Revenue with the Course Creator Tool

Create your own courses on Mekumi Ed and easily share them with all your schools. You can also partner with us to take your courses to market. Your school district will make money when Mekumi Ed sells your courses to school districts across the globe!

Let’s get started.

Reach out to tell us all about your needs, so that we can set you up with a free trial license for you, your team of teachers and students to experience teaching and learning at its best!

Course Creator Tool Imports Your Contents at Scale

Seamlessly transfer content from any platform into Mekumi Ed. Our new content ingestion tool allows you to set the parameters of the content buckets so that it can automatically import your files—no matter what format it is in—into the platform. You can then edit it for final delivery. This tool alone is a gamechanger in the world of content!