Mekumi CD

MekumiCd are content creation tools that enable fast development of complete courses in structured format for easy delivery, consumption and learning measurement.

The course authoring tool is one of the most powerful tools in our platform. It allows for mass ingestion of content irrespective of file type, content type or language. This feature alone can get your district up and running in a matter of a few weeks with thousands of your courses uploaded automatically using artificial intelligence and natural language processing. Uploading your courses into the platform will provide analytics on effectiveness of content and provide valuable insights on its use by all your teachers and students.

The content library is like no other. Mekumi tracks patterns and surfaces the best lessons across the entire community of teachers in the districts.

  • Create new courses in a structured format for easy delivery using MekumiEd or 3rd party LMS’s
  • Automatically ingest and place different content types in the appropriate fields
  • Ingest Audio, Video, Text, AR, VR, PDF, Images or any other format.
  • AI infusion for analysis such as 6C measurements like creativity & critical thinking and SEL (social-emotional learning)
  • Gamification tools to increase engagement
  • Track % by licensee so that educators can build courses by combining their own IP with licensed content
  • Industry mentoring and projects easily integrated

Generate Recurring Revenue with the Course Creator Tool

Create your own courses on Mekumi Cd and easily share them with all your schools. You can also partner with us to take your courses to market. Your school district will make money when Mekumi Cd sells your courses to school districts across the globe!

Course Creator Tool Imports Your Contents at Scale

Seamlessly transfer content from any platform into Mekumi Cd. Our new content ingestion tool allows you to set the parameters of the content buckets so that it can automatically import your files—no matter what format it is in—into the platform. You can then edit it for final delivery. This tool alone is a gamechanger in the world of content!

Let’s get started

Reach out to tell us all about your needs, so that we can set you up with a free trial license for you, your team of teachers and students to experience teaching and learning at its best!