About Us

Me-kumi means eternally beautiful in Japanese. We named the platform Mekumi because we want it to expose the strengths of all learners and educators and illuminate the eternal beauty of our human potential.


Using artificial intelligence, we set out to design a platform that enables the most effective teaching to reach all students wherever they are. The lessons equip students with the job skills they will need to succeed in their chosen careers.


Our Vision

Mekumi is the tool that can help you create your own revolution in education.

The Mekumi platform:

  • Gives teachers and students a voice.
  • Empowers all stakeholders in education to support each other.
  • Delivers equitable education across the globe.
  • Learns from the ways that we best connect as humans.

Every tool we design supports administrators, teachers and students. We reduce their anxiety about learnning and increase their curiosity and excitement. We help deliver rock star teaching to every onsite and virtual classroom across the globe.

Our Team

We are innovators at heart. We are from around the globe. US, Japan, India, Russia, Mexico, Latin America and more. We are technology geeks. We have a passion to enable lifelong learning for every citizen of the world that is personalized and removes the cultural, social and economic barriers that get in their way. We are always challenging each other to utilize the most advanced technologies to make learning easy, playful, immersive and relevant. 

Mekumi is designed by educators, artists, video game designers, solid state engineers and rogue programmers from across the globe who want to achieve the impossible: an educational environment that brings rock star teaching to every onsite and virtual classroom.

In spite of all the advances in technology, the current education system remains a relic of the industrial age.

You might say we’re big dreamers, but we also want this technology to share best practices with educators in real-time.

Our Clients

Schools spend $2.2 Billion recruiting and training new teachers. The high cost is due to extremely high turnover. Mekumi reduces this expense to school systems by the best lesson plans in an easy-to-edit format to all new teachers.

We’re not going to say this is easy. But just like the best learners, we persist through challenges and learn from our mistakes.

We are proud to share the Mekumi platform with the world. Our teams in US, India, Latin America, Mexico, etc. are proud to bring our game changing innovation closer to you. The results continue to astound us.

“The MekumiEd curriculum mirrors the existing course structure for the Health Science program for my introductory classes at the high school. I can use the lessons to substantiate the classroom instructions I have already provided. It’s ready-made lessons are truly beneficial for the busy schedule associated with program coordination. 

I can swiftly make edits to my lesson plans and view other teachers’ sequences. The platform helps me support my students every day in real time.”

Dr. Sanford Jeames, Eastside Memorial Early College High School, Austin, Texas
Dr. Sanford Jeames