How It Works

To understand how Mekumi Ed’s onsite and virtual classrooms benefit every stakeholder, we’d like to introduce some friends:

Dr. Johnson
Career Technology Education Director, Sunshine School District

Dr. Johnson’s goal is to close the achievement gap between underserved students and more privileged students across a district of more than 12,000 students.

Mekumi Ed automatically generates a weekly report that gives Dr. Johnson visibility into student performance. Dr. Johnson segments the report by grade, gender and neighborhood demographic for each school.


The report provides Dr. Johnson with real-time visibility into the number of students retained in a course for each school. It also allows her to track teacher performance and student engagement, so that when problems arise, Dr. Johnson can take action right away.

Mr. Roberts
Principal, Sunshine High School

And here is Mr. Roberts, the principal of Sunshine High School.

Mr. Roberts wants to make sure every one of the 3,552 students at the high school can meet the required educational standards and will be prepared to attend college or enter the workforce.

Mr. Roberts uses Mekumi Ed to give him visibility into every teacher’s onsite and virtual classroom. Since each lesson on Mekumi Ed is tagged for compliance with education standards, as well as workforce readiness skills, Mr. Robeson gets real-time analytics on 21st century job skills mastery for all students.

Ms. Ahmed
Health Sciences Teacher, Sunshine High School

Ms. Ahmed uses Mekumi Ed to design lesson plans for three preps and over 125 students she teaches daily. As a new teacher, Ms. Ahmed feels supported and relieved to have access to lesson plans from rock star Health Sciences teachers—lessons that have been edited and optimized with feedback from students.

Thanks to Mekumi Ed, Ms. Ahmed can focus on personalizing these lessons to engage every student in her classroom and boost their achievement. She can also help her students build relationships with health care professionals and secure internships at hospitals by inviting health care professionals into her virtual classroom.


Once these industry experts are background checked, Ms. Ahmed can keep them in the Mekumi Ed platform to inspire and collaborate with students year after year.

And now that they have a friend on the outside, Ms. Ahmed’s students can test-drive career pathways and feel confident in signing up for college or a job,

Let’s get started.

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Maryam Khan
Student, Sunshine High School

Meet the wonderful students in Ms. Ahmed’s Health Sciences class.

Right now Maryam takes care of her younger siblings who are at home from school due to the coronavirus. Both of Maryam’s parents are frontline workers.

Mekumi Ed allows Maryam to complete lessons via her mobile phone whenever she gets a few minutes throughout the day.

As long as Maryam meets the deadline for an assignment, she doesn’t need to worry about logging in at a scheduled time. She can also check in with that rest of her support group to make sure she is staying on track.

Christina Valencia
 Student, Sunshine High School

Christina is a gifted student with special needs and a passion for rock music.

Christina loves how Ms. Ahmed personalizes lessons for students in their virtual classroom.


Instead of assigning Christina to write on telemedicine best practices around the world, Ms. Ahmed is requiring her to compose a rock opera, complete with lyrics to inspire her peers. The rock opera will compare the differences in best practices of telemedicine in rural areas vs. urban areas.

Luke Arney
Student, Sunshine High School

Luke normally hates school, especially his Health Science class. He thought it was going to be a class with an easy A. He would rather help his dad at his trucking company.

Ms. Ahmed uses Mekumi Ed to engage Luke and show him all the ways he can actually apply his learning from these classes in the real world.

Ms. Ahmed uses the discussion forum on each Mekumi Ed activity to request Luke’s feedback which she quickly integrates into subsequent lessons in her virtual class. This really surprised Luke.

Luke is engaged because he knows Ms. Ahmed values his ideas about education.

He never thought Ms. Ahmed would add his video rant as part of a lesson plan for his classmates to learn from.