Mekumi ED

MekumiEd deployment in K-12 has improved effectiveness of teachers by delivering curricula that focuses on student’s employability skills and workforce readiness. Instructors can customize, adopt, and share best-in-class curated lessons; administrators can analyze compliance and workforce readiness metrics across company, schools, instructors and learners; and learners can build soft skills such as collaboration, critical thinking, creativity and communication in addition to mastering the core subject.

Why Do Educators Love Mekumi Ed’s Onsite & Virtual Classrooms?

  • Seamless Communication Tools in One Cloud-Based Platform

Our instructional planning platform and classrooms deliver the best collaborative tools in one space for all school administrators, teachers and students.

  • Complete Visibility into Your Classrooms & Distance Learning Activities

Administrators can view progress on a district-wide, school-wide or student-wide basis. Easily generate reports on compliance with education standards and workforce readiness metrics.

  • Lesson Plan Sharing For Teachers & Quick Differentiation For Each Student

With Mekumi Ed, you can easily share lessons from the best teachers across your district. Teachers can quickly personalize lessons to best address each student’s needs.

Maximizing Flexibility for Onsite & Virtual Classrooms

Even when students can’t be in an onsite classroom, they can easily access lessons and communicate with teachers on their own schedules. To enter the Mekumi Ed learning arena, students need a device and an internet connection. Our one-stop shop provides an interactive, transformative distance learning experience.

Optimizing Results with Student-Centered Learning

At Mekumi Ed, we know students are more engaged when they have a voice in their own education. That’s why every lesson has its own discussion forum that enables students to provide real-time feedback to teachers, have dialogue with other students in their own classroom, and communicate with students in other class periods. Teachers, then, can easily incorporate student feedback into their courses.

Preparing Students with 21st Century Job Skills

Mekumi Ed is the only learning management system that tracks the teaching of 21st century skills in all lessons and all courses, in order to ensure students are workforce ready. Mekumi Ed comes preloaded with 180 hours of career-tech lesson plans that are ready for immediate use. Because our courses have real-world applications, students are more engaged with school.

Content User Interface

Mekumi Ed is the only platform that offers custom views for the different roles in education to help build a concrete foundation of support and transparency across all the stakeholders including custom views for school administrators.

Unlike other platforms, Mekumi Ed offers the industry mentor portal/view who brings real-world application to everything that students learn in their onsite or virtual classroom. Background-checked industry mentors can be added to the database of resources available to teachers and students to collaborate on projects, ask questions and get insight on all the ways students can use their learning in the workplace.

Students feel confident about corporate work culture and are workforce ready through the relationships they build with these industry mentors, while still in school.


Assessments, Compliance & Reporting

Mekumi Ed auto-grades the auto-generated assessments from only those lessons taught by a teacher. It also allows for teachers to easily grade open-ended questions. Activities, tests and homework all comply with education standards such as the TEKS, Common Core, Bloom’s Taxonomy and tagged with 21st century skills also known as Employability Skills markers.

The custom reports for each stakeholder based on markers that are specifically important to that role provide a holistic picture of progress in real time and helps people make better decisions faster in terms of support for their staff and students.

Communication & Collaboration

Mekumi Ed’s intuitive interface for collaboration includes mini-discussion forums tied to each lesson so that it is easier for educators to understand which specific lesson resonated/did not resonate with students and why. This is a very different approach to helping students build and master communication skills while completing the loop on student feedback for each lesson vs. vague periodic surveys to assess effectiveness of learning.

Students can automatically view thoughts and comments by students in other class periods to encourage and increase engagement amongst peers.

All communication private or in chat rooms are visible to administrators and teachers to ensure security and quality control.

There are exciting gamification elements in the works for both teachers and students meant to builder stronger community, to incentivize empathy and team building skills mastery.


Mekumi Ed application is accessible from all devices including mobile as a measure to provide an equitable education for all. The platform can be converted to any language on request within a week. Presently it supports English, Spanish and Japanese versions of the platform.

All educators including administrators have access to all the content with detailed lesson plans for all the courses licensed, through the Mekumi Ed platform. This provides visibility into all the classrooms and teachers’ work in real time.