To understand how Mekumi Ed’s onsite and virtual classrooms benefit every stakeholder, we’d like to introduce some friends:

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Mekumi Edtech revolutionizes education by automating best practices. Teachers are given vetted, tested courseware. This is what makes our platform a true “plug and play” application. Preloaded courses come with 21st century tagging of all lessons, as well as a Master Question Bank that teachers use to generate assessments.

All of our courses have one thing in common: They focus on real-world applications. Lessons are contextualized to resonate with students. They are also designed to be immersive, engaging, and fulfill education standards and 21 century job skills markers.

Content That Innovates in Real-Time

What sets our courseware apart from other learning management tools out there?

Each teacher has full flexibility to add, edit and customize all content in their onsite and virtual classrooms.

The Mekumi Edtech platform can recognize the most effective teaching in a particular school district. Once Mekumi Ed captures the lessons working best for your community, administrators can design lessons to integrate best practices in real time. Educators are inspired by the ability to always improve and truly deliver the most effective curricula to their students.

Catalog Of Courses

Principles of Health Sciences

This course that introduces your students to the world of Health Sciences. Students discover what it takes to become a health care professional and what exciting opportunities are available in this industry. The course takes a deep dive in ethics, the leadership skills needed to perform as part of a high-functioning team in the healthcare system.

All lessons are tagged with 21st century job skills and fulfill the education standards (TEKS). The real-world applications keep students curious and eager to take the remaining courses in the Health Sciences track that lead to certifications.

These are some of the topics students explore through this course:

  • Health Care History and Becoming a Health Care Worker
  • Health Care Systems
  • Technology for Your Health Science Careers
  • Health Science Careers
  • Employability Skills
  • Individual Rights and Choices
  • Ethics and Legal Responsibilities
  • Leadership Skills and Teamwork
  • Communication in Health Sciences
  • Wellness Principles in Health Sciences
  • Medical Math
  • Using Data and Measurements in Health Sciences
  • Anatomy and Physiology

Culinary Art with STEM Focus

This is an introductory course in Culinary Arts that is uniquely designed to expose students to the $13 trillion dollar food industry. Many are surprised to learn that the industry includes food tech, food securities, food wastage reduction, supply chain management, and different types of agriculture and food entrepreneurship.

This course is also used as a gateway to STEAM courses, since students are taught cross-disciplinary lessons in chemistry, math, anthropology and business.

These are some of the topics students explore through this course:

  • Food Safety
  • Knife Skills
  • Path of Migration for the Americas, Europe, Middle East Africa and Asia
  • Food transformation for the Americas, Europe, Middle East Africa and Asia
  • Agriculture and Food Distribution for the Americas, Europe, Middle East Africa and Asia
  • Aquaponics

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Create Custom Courses

Our esteemed team of curriculum designers can work with you to design, develop and help format custom courses. We will provide you with a complete set of lessons, digital assets, worksheets, assessments and a rich question bank tied to each lesson. We can also tag custom courses for 21st century skills and education standards.

Import Existing Courses

If you have existing courses on a different platform that you would like transferred into Mekumi Ed, please request a meeting with us today! We are here to help.